Part 1 Of 4: The Sorceress Read Count : 36

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Sub Category : Science Fiction
Once upon a time, in a secluded spot just outside the city of Sarivelo, A ancient Sorceress ruled over every living thing.

She was very happy at what she achieved and in doing so eventually found love with someone who would care for her.

One day, they both decided that their legacy should live on and so the sorceress decided to create new life with her companion by using dark magic. After a 5yr old girl was given her first breath in the world however,  something unique and heartbreaking happened. 

The Sorceress and her companion was too much for her Dark Magic and in a tragic twist of events, perished into dust. This sent shockwaves around the world because there had never been a female sorceress who died before...

The 5yr old girl who just took her first breath, began to explore her surroundings and it wasn't long that she found two bodies lying on the floor and without hesitation began to cry and run into the town.

10 years had passed after the events that changed the world and all was calm... until the 15 year old Young Sorceress began to learn about where she came from. 

As she walked away from the town, she got bumped into by a man who said "hey!, watch where you're going" and immediately the girl quipped "Dont you dare talk to me like that,  do you know who I am", "No i dont, please enlighten me" Replied the man sarcastically. 

"I am Hannah Yopetime and I will take my anger out on you"
And before he could say anything,  she reduced him to dust.

"Hahahahaha, that was magnificent!"

Join me for Part 2: The Storm of the Century 


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