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Some people might tell you otherwise some would be straight up honest to you but with all that being said they don't know your opinions behind their thoughts about you personally.They intend to think you are very understanding which you are but with that understanding you figure out somethings they say may be hurtful and you insist yourself on telling them but they brush you off like its nothing and that you won't be affected personally..........well thats what they think.
You wonder if they would ever listen to you and your own opinions of what they said about you its been on your mind constantly and if its that bad of an image why wont they explain how you can change the problem you think and think your over thinking at this point and realized that all that was for nothing they were just being toxic to you after all those years of being there for that person every memory just flash back and you have came to a conclusion you are just going to stay quiet and observe while you focus on youself.
Focusing on you alone will help in many ways if you focus on just your health,mental ablity,work etc and not let others opinion bother you there will be a great change in your life and you can finally focus on your self esteem and your life in general only you know your self worth only you know whats gonna keep you going you are the only one who can make things better in your life you are dinfinately the only one who knows your own dreams,desire and passion and you are the only one that can make it happen like i said you and only you knows your self worth and with that anything is possible.


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