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                      Who is Pop's he was Pop's, some of you may wonder Pop's was a very genuine as well had
several talents which most people didn't even know about about him, Pop's was one of a kind of
men that you will never find another person like him, he had a very genuine sense of humor,
Pop's spoke whatever he wanted to say no matter who you were, Pop's was and still is and
always will be my Best Friend as well as my one and only Pop's for all Eternity as well as the
next life may bring us.
Who was Pop's?
I don't even think that Pop's knew, but I do know is that no one else had the slightest clue that
you Promised Pop's was truly the one who kept everything from going to shit, we all found this
out the hard way just shortly after you had passed on
Everything has gone straight to shit I guess you could say we've pretty much have or at least
came pretty damn close to hitting rock bottom since you passed on.
Pop's we all love and miss you so much, you definitely will never be forgotten, your smile as well
as your stories that you shared with all of us we will always carry with us till the end of time.
Pop's I will Always Be Very Proud In Telling Everyone That You Were And Are My Pop's As
Well As My Best Friend
Always and Forever Till The
End of Time, Till We Meet Again
Pop's, aka
My Best Friend
For All Eternity To Come
Love Always
Your Daughter
Donna Ruttenbur
R. I. P. POP'S


  • Nov 24, 2019

  • I miss my pops

    Nov 30, 2019

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