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Passport in hand waiting nervously in line at the airport hoping not to have another unexpected a layover. she had been in this airport 48 hours longer then she should have been already.
It seemed like a lifetime ago since she started this journey to find her birth family.
At full encouragement of the only mother she ever knew.
"Anya it is important to know where you come from so you know which way is forward." She’d say
"Oh, mom you, dad and the twins are my families."
But the truth of her mother’s words had rung true first with curiosity about her lineage would more become a necessity.
When she started to experience odd symptoms or maybe occurrence would better word.
Her story was more unusual than most adoptive children. She was found in a lab with a group of other children.
There been whisper about experiments but maybe rumours were not known or not released.
But Anya was grasping to rational explain her episodes. As her mother politely called them.
But no one could be expected to understand something she herself could not.
And hiding from it was not an option she could no longer let fear rule her life. Facing it head-on was her only option.
Trying to track the workers and company and other children. Had seemed hopeless.
But finale she had a lead thanks to one of those DNA match places. Seemly her DNA odd more active chromazones and extremely rare.
Which start her search of finding a connection between to understand what was happening to her.
And why she was stuck in yet another airport.
Thankfully her travel blog financing travel.
Hopefully Least they gave me a hotel room she thought is could of hand to sleep at the airport on the bench.
The line shuffled slowly ahead standing taking in a scene unravelling just beyond the boarding gates.
It was that girl from earlier for some reason she felt drawn to her.
She looked only around 16 she notice frightened she look kept looking over her shoulder like someone was after her. There was something oddly familiar about her.
Anya had asked her name "Shania cain" she had told her. She tries not to scoff at the name cause she could tell the girl was hiding and scare.
She recognized it all too well.
So as if she was ok offered help if she needed, it but she had politely declined.
But they talked and talked she shared things with the girl she wouldn’t have told her best friend.
And about her odd problems of of ("dreams" randomly of shifting to some strange place the felt like home.")
The girl had just started to open up, about her plight and flight from her oppressive family. And how if they caught she was sure she would be brought home and killed. As an example for other girl wanting to flee.
she had been one of the lucky ones or one of the cursed to be allowed an education and small amounts of freedom, women in other countries had that most in hers don’t even know existed.
Anya told her she couldn’t promise anything but she would try to help her if she could.
Anya’s mind working and she started looking up human rites lobbyist and embassy numbers.
She had talk and pleaded with officials and post social media updates. In all the usual sites. And tried to make make a big spectacle of Human Rights and Freedoms for women. Finally, she had done all she could to prepare.
Shania God helps her ahead and maybe they would not be an issue she would follow. And support her story if she was questioned.
Up ahead there seemed to be a disturbance
" here we go ", she thought
"Shania " was so loudly exclaiming her name and She was a person of legal age free to decide for herself.
The line moving faster now rushing people through not want people upset at the girls claim she would be murdered if she was sent back!
As she approached the desk and hand the agent her passport.
The lady smiled weakly " sorry for the disturbance miss",
I know that girl what’s going on. "She my nice" she lied. I’ve been looking for her I thought I’d find her on the other side of the
agent motion to the security officer closest to her he came closer and I could hear her whispering in his ear enough to make out the shoes repeating what I told he the security guard motion me forward I said
Shania sweat heart what going in here. Why are you detaining my assistant and photographer?
As Anya said a little prayer.
"Dear lord please don’t let me get arrested."
Well, I have my embassy on speed dial cell phone in hand. “we will just see about this nonsense in this day in age restrict one freedom because of sex or race.
Anya said loudly more than gating crowd than to any one person many already videoing the unfolding scene. As she turned around and grabbed for shania hand, she felt before saw the wave of Brilliant Blue Light completely surround them .


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