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When you see the world as dark and dreary
You may be reflecting your mood or condition 
There are also places bright and cheery
Is it time to examine your situation 

When feeling sad and lonely 
It can really bring you down 
You’re not the one and only 
Whose life’s turned upside down   

Many facing life’s contradictions
 ignoring positives predictions 
That we all can find a balance
If we’re ready for the challenge 

Most folks don’t want to live with pain
We iook for different ways to gain 
Ready to sing the happiness refrian
And enjoy living once again 

If you want to live life mired
Either scared or simply tired
And you really think you know 
Then for you there’s no place to go 

There’s not much one can do
If you really feel that way
You’ll continue as you are
There is. not much more to say 

But on the other hand 
If you’ll try to makes change
Seek a helping hand-gathers all your will
Make  a valiant effort- rather than sit still

Take pride in what you try 
It may come as no surprise 
That with this courageous venture
You might just win that elusive  prize


  • Nov 24, 2019

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