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     Mom loved big family dinners. We would get to see our sisters and brother and their families most Sunday's and holidays. 
     Mom loved gifts, and so everyone brought her something like flowers and presents for appropriate holidays. Gifts were her thing and she would give everybody gifts at Christmas, even the local merchants. She made a lot of gifts with her crocheting knitting, embroidery, flower arranging, jewelry making, and cooking, etc.
     She would prepare a very large meal with favorites some of us liked, and we would help with it all. She loved to make her rice pudding. And she loved it when everyone ate hardy. She barely ate anythin;, but my boys ate very well, and she seemed to love it.  Some others were big meat eaters and had to be reminded that others had to eat too, and when all were fed they could then chow down again. She always had plenty.          
     Our children were the only ones who ate almost everything. One couldn't chew meat but she tried and would still be chewing some when she got up for school the next day. 
     They were good times and even if some group was missing, we could catch up on what was happening in their lives through Mom as everyone kept close contact with her.  
	My intimate family had dinner together every night and a balanced meal. They ate most things. I put spinach in desert dishes when they were really little and told them they could have it after they ate their dinner which they ended up all liking spinach. One as a grown-up though, preferred all his vegetables raw. Peas were the thing he hated most cooked. I was surprised to see them eat a lot of things we didn't usually have. We were not big fish eaters, but some of them became fish eaters. I guess they were used to trying new things.   We ate what we had in those days and you ate or went hungry. 
     For many years the big family dinners were picnics for the 4th of July, Labor Day, birthdays, etc.
     The picture is of a surprise picnic to say good by when we moved South.
     Times have changed.


  • Nov 23, 2019

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