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The oracle concerning Dumah. One is calling to me from Seir, "Watchman, what of the night? Watchman, what of the night?"
Isa 21:11 RSV

This is most probably the shortest oracle by prophet Isaiah that I have came across but it makes the longest of my proto scrolls. Dumah some Bibles put as 'Edom', Dumah is Hebrew meaning 'silence' that is the land of silence . This is one of the five oracle's that reveal GODs ruling and judgement of wilderness by the sea. 

Beloved readers today the scroll is taking you to a 'watchman' other Bible version name watchman as 'sentry' or 'sentinel'. The scroll is for those who are in land of silence. Are you tired of darkness, silence, stagnation, manipulation, limitation ?
Watch this, an Edomite pleads with the watchman to announce how much longer his nation must endure the darkness of it's troubled history. The repetition of his questions conveys his desperation. The scroll is looking for a desperate reader who wants to change from being a world idiot to a heavenly Edomite.

As the scroll alludes that this is the shortest oracle from the prophet , the scroll is going to take you to the next scripture. Only two scriptures of this oracle but they carry a lot for you beloved GOD chosen readers. The watchman s answer is vague. Morning is sure to come with more night as well but Edom is urged to keep inquiring. [Isa21:12] Are you following ? the scroll has just these two scriptures pay attention to them beloved reader.

You are in that predicament , in that spiritual quagmire, you stagnant in poverty , you can't  even be meaningful in your ministry or church. Have you seen prophets performing miracles ? You will hear them saying keep searching keep searching. My pastor says keep digging keep digging water wells despite grueling circumstances. The watchman at Dumah is prophet Isaiah. It takes faith to hearken to the voice of GOD. No scripture here the scroll wants to stick to only two.

Do you know why JESUS had to return to HIS father ? HE wanted us to receive a watchman [John16:7]. It is HIM the watchman you need right now to come out of that land of silence , poverty. Wherever you are right now kneel down and make this Edomite prayer:

O LORD of Isaiah
O LORD of disciple apostle John
GOD who created heaven and world
I come to you in this situation
I come to you filthy with unrighteousness
I confess and repent of my sins
I believe only in your word
Remove unclear uncertain circumstances around my life
Watch over me day and night
May your HOLY SPIRIT watch over me from today
HOLY SPIRIT follow me
You are my helper O LORD
Thank you for locating and watching over me
I pray with faith as the lament in Psalms 94:17
I am getting out of land of silence forever
I am getting out of poverty by watching power of the mighty HOLY SPIRIT


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    Nov 23, 2019

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