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We have heard this since we were kids
“And words will never harm me “

Unfortunately -that’s not quite accurate Words can be a piercing weapon
Particularly if they hit a vulnerable spot 
Does not matter if we admit it or not 

Feelings are effected by language aimed at you
At any age if the rage is able to get through 
It’s difficult to ignore the thrust If someone wants to hit
 Even when you know the source and they don’t even fit 
When you feel whatever’s said does not get a reaction
In your head you’re message says 
“They’ll get no satisfaction “
But the deed is done and if you’ve won the insults you did skirt 
You want to show the idiot foe it didn’t even 

You can show by no reaction It had no effect on you
But the issue is not solved for now you’re involved by thinking what to do 

Words effect you in different ways and once
they are released
Your mind’s turned on and disturbed or calm 
they have to be policed 

We should never think that what we hear are just some innocent letters 
There’s a place for all - stand tall or fall
I feel we know them better 


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