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Hello my name is teku bhau Thackeray I make a periodic table I do not know that it is right or wrong suggest me

I make a periodic table I do not know that it is right or wrong suggest me

It is based on the aufbau principle which state that “in a ground state of the atoms the orbitals are filled in order of their increasing energies” he make this principle on this

At last the the increasing energies orbital are
1s,2s,2p,3s,3p,4s,3d,4p,5s,4d,5p,6s,4f,5d,6p,7s ” we know that in s-orbital their filled only two electron ,in p=6,d=10,in f=14.

so,in this periodic table I make two d group,because in the 4th and 9th subshell of d its previous sub shell s 1 electron come in the d orbital and in case of f there is same case and I consider the f0 first where the atoms are stable then next row started. Advantages of this periodic table. is based on the energy level of orbital. which is basic property. 2.the position of isotopes is justified. 3.easy to learn and remember. 4.grouping of the elements. 5.easy to now the periodic property's. 6.its simple. 7.easy to define the electron in the shell. And many more.

Periodic trends.

1.atomic radii. Remain same down the group. but increase along the periods. 2.metallic character. Decrease down the group. Increase along the period. 3.Ionization enthalpy. Increase down the group. Decrease along the period. 4.Electron gain enthalpy(-). Increase down the group decrease along a periods


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    Nov 23, 2019

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