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We need a restriction committee for our public goods in America. It would be made to make sure state goods and services are at the highest quality. 

It no secret that American state provided products do far worse then private versions, and the state can even hurt the private sector. The high healthcare costs, illegal immigrantoin, police brutality, and lower education for public schools. This maybe a solution to these problems, it would study the public sector, and try to fix the problem. 

Raising the wages of good teachers, and lowering the wages of bad ones. Another important factor is that its able to over role the union's if a rule is hurting the public sector. It needs the ability to make sure politicians are doing there jobs, and not being corrupt. 

It would have the power to over rule decisions made by state funded restrictors, if they feel the ruling was corrupted. 

It would be best if there was a committee for every city, a couple for the state, and a few for the federal government, all able to over rule ones decisions if found fit, and take it to the supreme court.


  • Nov 23, 2019

  • Nov 23, 2019

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