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​Why must I have to bring out my dark side inorder to get people to listen to me? ​Why can't they listen when I ask a question or when I know the answer to their question? ​Why must I have to cry  everyday and every night when I go to bed? ​Why do people do this to me everyday non-stop? ​Why is it I'm not allowed to be happy? ​Why do I have to question weather or not I have friends? ​Why must I be the only one to be treated like this? ​Why must people ask me what is wrong even though they won't listen or care? ​Why can't they listen to me? ​Why must they always make me cry? ​Why must they always say at act like I'm the problem?


  • torrmented by my thoughts unrelenting attacked from all sides. never a reprieve from what i preceive to be . but just stop breath in calming peace out loving compassion for yourself. brutally examinate your truth and then accept and love yourself faults and all once you do no one one elses opinion will matter to you.

    Nov 22, 2019

  • Nicholas Graham

    Nicholas Graham

    just love yourself but love to be alone as well when u arent part of the world you are blessed. so cheer up n think positive. Blessings

    Nov 23, 2019

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