The Girl That Dreams Of Death Read Count : 40

Category : Diary/Journal

Sub Category : N/A
There once was this girl started having dreams of death, weather it be her death or others. She hasn't always dreamed of death, she used to dream of life and love. It all started to change when people started to show no love. They started to ignore her and forget she was around. To the world she was dead for that is what she says. She gets sick of people telling her to make friends, talk to people, and hangout with people. She tries all but no one pays attention to her. The only time people notice that she is around is when she is crying. Half the time she thinks of ways to die, other times she thinks of ways to kill. If only people knew how she felt maybe the dreams would stop. Until people can understand they might think she has a problem and should be put in a mental hospital. She is starting to loose all fear and finding death more and more fascinating. She only watches movies that has violence in it. She is done with all things happy and exciting. The girl might dream of death now but if things keep going the way it is the girl might go further then just dreaming. By witch time it will be to late to fix the problem of the girl that dreams of death.


  • kinda scary but truth in feelings great story hope it turn for better

    Nov 23, 2019

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