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The tags and the labels
The stages and levels 
The regions
And the religions
Blacks and Whites 
Through these days and nights 
With our strength s and mights
We destroyed humanity
We killed generosity
In these regions - we have only one religion 
And that is humanity 
On these canvasses - We drew our differences
Differences of who a Christian is
And who a Muslim is
Who is black and who is white
On this canvases we spilled blood
Of innocent souls 
Claiming they assholes. 
On this stage 
We killed the smiles on the faces 
Of innocent children
We serve poison on the plates 
Of our own brethren
We quenched the sun right before 
Our own people 
And made them wear pain as cloth
We made these innocent souls deprived 
We stole their dreams 
 Left scars as creams
And ignored their screams
With our religious guns 
We murdered the lives in these people
We stepped on toes and created foes
Alas! We left them with poverty 
As property
Let us wipe these tears on their faces
Let us with one accord kill the fear in those places
For we are because there are 
We all are humans.

*© Rabiyatu Alhassan*
~ The Mouthpiece


  • Emily Kovacova

    Emily Kovacova

    i really do like this poem ..its actually interesting

    Nov 22, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Very powerful 🦋well said and true 🦋🦋🦋

    Nov 22, 2019

  • great poem but one thing i must say betrayal was not of our brotheren of this land but those who left these lands. we are among our brotheren black and white even though bout dont exist for nothing to exist is nothing ever said so what do the titles really say. peace and blessings

    Nov 23, 2019

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