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I still can't  believe my valentines day was ruined just because of  that mean girl Wendy Mitchelles. 

OK this is what happened. I was just standing near a chocolate fountain staring at my phone when I heard someone calling me Kelly oh I love your dress where  did you get it at the party of the gnomes who live under your bed. 

What that was really heart  breaking. Rumor  had it that Wendy Michelle was the meanest  and most popular girl  in school. 
After that, she just sashayed away  with this little smirk on her face. Nothing was ad bad as seeing  that girl sashay. 

Anyways  what happened  next was worth my life. Wendy invited me to sing in front of the whole party which was an entire school looking at me expecting me to sing a good valentines day  song 

I was not ready, I was nervous and I just felt like slapping the big smirk off Wendie's face it's  just that I decided not to because  Nelly created  a distraction  and that gave me a chance to ran off the stage. 

Since I got to MHS the only two friends I've  made are Nelly and Alma

Anyways I have to  finish this entry later I have to join a dumb family dinner. That Valentines  was crazy 🙄


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