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Up as usual in the middle of the night 
Thinking as usual about my fight 
Each day prepared to battle 
To avoid death’s eventual rattle 

It’s not all bad I really must say 
When  my weary eyes meet the light of day
I have good things to look forward to
Writing and reading makes each day brand new 

But lately as I wend my way
Through the winding road where at the end you pay 
Those night- filled thoughts still wait for me
My passion play for me to see

So far the strength has been my crown
But lately it’s been whittled down
The strain each night to continue this fight
Has injecected some doubt in my future sight

The deja vu symptom that starting within
Has raised its head with some shagrin 
Am l getting to tired to fight 
Or to keep on going with all my might

Facing this issue twice before 
I fought and fought and shut that door
Right now that door is starting to squeak 
I’m ready to slam it so the demon can’t peek

The will is there- but my strengh’s in question 
This night I’m seeking my own sugggestions
In the past I’ve bent but never broke
Though the demons laugh it is no joke 

I’ll finish this as the sun rises 
For those asshole  demons I’ve a few surprises 
I’m just not ready unless fate steps in

I cannot wait for this day to begin
I’m ready to take this fervent vow
Looking forward to another win
To those concerned about my plight 
I’ll find the strength somewhere- somehow 


  • Nov 22, 2019

  • Zee Zulu

    Zee Zulu

    Stay strong.

    Nov 22, 2019

  • moving

    Nov 23, 2019

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