Mystic Creatures: War Of The Angels- Dragon's Tears Read Count : 35

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Sub Category : Fantasy
Hazel and Kenzie walked around for weeks. Visiting every big city in the Dragon's Kingdom. Checked every hotel to see if they seen him.

"Hazel, you need rest," Kenzie suggested, "you haven't slept in days."
"No, must fine Ace!" Hazel continued. Kenzie shook her head; she grabbed Hazel's hand, "He'd rather you rest and take a year to find him than you being hurt and exhausted and finding him the next day." Hazel looked at Kenzie, she knew she was right. Hazel nodded her head, the both went to an inn.

They stayed there for days. Kenzie went out to get food and drinks. Hazel slept most of the time. They talked and got to know more about one another. Hazel got to know more about Kenzie's and Ace's past together. She was fascinated by it. She grew close to Kenzie, "Maybe when everything is settled down, I'll ask him to marry me." Kenzie said, catching Hazel off guard. Kenzie continued talking, Hazel had thoughts building up inside her head.

After their talk, the girls went out to walk around the town. Cool breeze. Sun is going down. Kids playing around, enjoying the peace. Hazel smiled at them. She enjoyed the peace too while it lasted. Kenzie grabbed Hazel's hand and brought her to watch a dance off. Hazel smiled and laughed.

Next day they packed and left. Before they left the city, they went to the store. Getting snacks and water for their long trip ahead of them. Hazel noticed kids playing in the street, no supervision. The parents were smoking and drinking and watching TV. Hazel shook her head, she showed Kenzie. She rolled her eyes. When they left the kids were still playing in the street; the parents, still smoking and drinking. Kenzie shoved Hazel and pointed at a speeding car, Hazel gave her things to Kenzie and went to grab the kids and pulled them out the way. The car continued down the rode, not slowing down.

"Kenzie watched the kids!" Yelled Hazel sprouting wings from her back. Kenzie nodded her head. Hazel flew over and past the speeding car. She went to stop the car before hitting anyone. Hazel brushed herself off, everyone stared at her. She went to check what happened. The driver was dead. Kenzie came by, "So what's the news?" 
"The driver is dead, and it looks like he was a big deal, fancy suit and everything." Hazel answered pulling out a briefcase. They reported the situation to the police and left the city.

"Hazel?" Kenzie called looking down.
"Yeah?" Hazel replied back looking around.
"What if Ace can't win this war..?" Kenzie asked bumping into Hazel.
"Don't think like that, he'll win this war." Hazel answered, reassuring herself.
"But, it's happening, a high level person killed..." Kenzie pointed back at the city crying.
"Ace will win! I have faith in him!" Hazel answered, crying as well.

"What if we never find him..?" Kenzie asked shaking. Hazel slapped Kenzie then hugged her, "We'll find him. He's not the type to give up easily."

Rest of the journey was silent. Kenzie noticed dragons flying over. Hazel noticed it too. They knew what was on the way. It wasn't good. The time of peace was on the verge of extinction.

Everyone knew it. It was coming.

Death was for certain.


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