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How dare you! 
Look me in my eyes with such hate. 
Look at me as trash u throw away, dust me like trash u sweep away. 
How do u feel when u look into the mirror is it love u see or is it hate. 
U throw your words with destrution beneath it and hope for joy and loving days. 
But loving your self is almost bitter so u flush your tears with hate which taints. 
The stench of smuck is beneath the tongue and more than hate begin to raise.
Is it better that u feel such away, away that surely a make someone go insane.
How do u sleep is it winter nights or spring beyond the eyes that slumber, because storms very depending on the power.
How far you have fallen how shollow, clinching to the things that are only hollow.
How naive to fall so low as low as sheol, of such darkness and such micheif ways.
How low do the owl swoop to catch its pray does it not spot it first then swoop down in a silent way. Knowing not its catcher but the grip of decay, and lay down its gaze. 
Bitter words of love, love that only fade the bitter half of us; that make us act this way..

Peace and Blessing


  • Arely Varela

    Arely Varela

    very interestingšŸ˜œ

    Nov 22, 2019

  • great app love it easy way to share my work and my thoughts. navigation is easy to handle and give you many choice to choose from.

    Nov 23, 2019

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