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There was dave and Lucy  who were sweet hearts since day one they do anything for love even get married to each other one day Lucy was alone more and more dave had to work a lot and there sex life was not getting better  so she talked to dave of asking him if he let his best friend  Richard have sex with her and he agreed because he wanted her happy to the first time Richard had sex with her he fucked her doggy style slapping her ass and pulling her hair to a point she was cumming a lot on my cock in her pussy she was saying put it deeper in her husband came home walked in on her he was like do her good Richard then he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and put it in her mouth she sucked it real good then he started fingering her ass hole it was very wet and her pussy so as I was laying there on the bottom with her riding my cock her husband was going to put his cock in her very nice ass she was ready then she moaned as his cock entered her ass and Richard was pounding that pussy real good and sucking her medium boobs and sucking her nipples Richard and dave both cum inside her after that excitement they knew Richard saved there marriage and had a best frend to share love and trust and friendship with


  • The lack of punctuation made this almost impossible to read. In fact, I could not get more than halfway through due to this. Using punctuation marks assists your reader by putting emphasis on words or ideas and also by indicating where one thought starts and another begins.

    Nov 27, 2019

  • Richard Hilt

    Richard Hilt


    Nov 29, 2019

  • This story teased me...

    Dec 06, 2019

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