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Cold rain,gloomy but pretty nice weather,i set outside watching and enjoying one of fathers master pieces..its been over 20 mins and the tempature keeps on dropping to were im cold now.soon in a few days it will turn to snow,finally while i picture the kids and family making a snowman together..i love eating frost from the deep freezer i remember when i used to leave the spoons in there so i can scrap the frost and eat it. But the snow does not taste like the chemical the freezer puts off its really good and careful tho peoples this is the weather to be ready for Father to come take some of his people home.. dont ever be mad about the weather change or him coming for his people,its a beautiful thing to go sleep and wait for him..Im tired of hearing people complain about the sinami'S ,tornadoes,hurricanes,to much snow or to hot ,im guilty of being to hot on a summer or sometime cold freezing day.. now i may suffercate due to grandma faye cuz she's very little and cold alot. So sleeping in a storm cellaur at NIGHT may be useful,and peoples attitude is like the weather,and storms.. which weather are you?? I often wonder if we would change our ways and attitudes than the weather wouldnt be so divestating is wat u call it on the news when you lost everything why because we didnt listen or believe or study our bibles and show love instead of hate..if ur full of hatered probably ur fault too of the divistation of God call.. Sorry bout your luck peoples thats not ready or didnt get the message.. im ready.. i have to go eat now good night the grey clouds turns to dark and is the brimestones coming next ?? Ask urself? Or u dont no wat im talking about do you? Read ur bibles it was a night like this its states in the bible when God poured out his wrath on us,many moons ago.Is he going to do it again? Idk he can do as he pleases!! Just b ready on any time of the a God fearing person.


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