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	I've noticed that being short can be quite a handicap. I think I am short at 5' 2”.  I don't feel handicapped. However I've seen first-hand some of the hardships people under 5' endure.
	Don't you just hate it when a semi or some large truck is in front of  you when you are driving? You not only find it annoying, but can be dangerous for you to see what lies ahead.
	How would you like to feel that way many other ways with being a short person.
	I've had people talking to me and never noticing the short person besides me. I've seen a short person try to get a seat near the front of an event and then have a so called handicapped person on a high scooter be parked right in front of them. Well, there goes the enjoyment of that show or whatever. The first rows, however many needed, should be for only short people at events. I'm there to see the show or whatever and sitting next to my tall family or friend is not necessary.
	Can you imagine a step stool not being enough and having to climb up on a counter to get something in the cabinet? That can be more dangerous than the step ladder is known to be as it is.
	I know many people have to deal with hardships of being small, tall, or fat besides medical needs. I've used a scooter, a walker and a cane over the years dealing with problems. 
	I've wondered why people nearly push you off the scooter in a store to get past you when I could not go any further because others were standing in front of me, or I would be way past them on my speedy scooter. When I had a scooter I didn't mind parking far from the store. With the cane or walker it is a great help. 
	I was always so grateful when someone held a door open for me or lent a hand on steps or getting up from a chair. Unless you have had to bare with handicaps, you probably don't even think about it.
	I hear that the pretty girl gets all the attention, and she doesn't even have to be smart. The tall person gets more respect even if they haven't earned it.
	I'm sure many people have a hard time getting clothes to fit. When I was a teen and weighed 98 lbs. I found it hard to get anything for my slim figure. There were no sizes less than a seven in those days. I used tight elastic wide cinch belts to hold up my skirts. 
	Today there are a lot more choices out there for clothing. Short people have quite a time getting clothes to fit, especially if they aren't skinny. Everything needs to be hemmed unless you buy a tee shirt for a dress. If you have a little weight on you, no matter  how tall or short you are, if you buy pants they may seem to fit elsewhere but legs are blowing out like a dress.  Yes, people can be fat elsewhere and have skinny legs.
	I know, I know, there are elastic clothes today that fit right to your skin no matter what size you are. They still can be too long and if you don't mind everyone seeing all your muscles, fat and creases, they even can be comfortable. 
	So many clothes short people can't even alter as they have trims, ruffles, etc. on the bottoms or the pant legs change widths as they go down. 
	Now I'm thinking of the tall people who are always pulling at their shirts or tops to keep covered in places not meant to be shown.
	After all these thoughts I'm thanking God for being at least 5' 


  • Nov 21, 2019

  • Tayah Greetan M T

    Tayah Greetan M T

    i have the Same Thing

    Nov 21, 2019

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