White Fire: Four ½ Read Count : 64

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Adult language. Not suited for young nor immature viewers.


"But sir, they're just innocent kids!" Complained an office attendant.
"Does it look like I give a shit?" Asked the Natsu.
"But your one of the Elites," the office attendant spoke back.
"I said gather them and kill them!" Snapped Natsu. "Next time, don't fucking question my authority!"

The following day a crime spree sprung up. Back to back hate crimes, robberies, and murder. Girls were told to stay in their homes to avoid any sexual assults. If they need to leave, please have company with you; preferably a male.

Officers went around stopping them. Dozen of officers died. A case was reported of a sexual attack on one of the small ships. Chief Kinu and two other officers went to investigate.

"Shut up slut!" Yelled the masked man, "you'll get us caught!" The girl cried and yelled as she struggle to get the masked man off her. He turned her around and pinned her against the wall, covering her mouth. Tears went down her cheeks, she kept fighting. He put his hands on her hips and slid them down to her thighs. He smiled and slid them back up to her waist.

Chief Kinu spotted them. He signaled the other two to go the other way; blocking all his exits. He slowly walked up to them, telling the culprit to freeze.
"Fuck you!" He yelled taking off.
"Get back here!" Chief yelled running after him. The other two escorted the girl back to SS Blu for clues.

The culprit kept running. Jumping and going over objects. Parkouring. Chief Kinu followed behind.
"Freeze dammit!" Chief yelled.
"Bite my ass!" The culprit yelled. Chief ran faster, catching up. He talckled him, both hitting the ground hard. Chief cuffed the man. After calling for back up, and waiting, Chief was shot in the shoulder. The culprit his behind Chief while guns were firing.

"Bring the ambulence!" Chief called the department back. They waited an hour before they came. The man was sent back to the Police Department and Chief was sent to the hospital to get his wound treated. Kitsune rushed into her dads hospital room to see if he was okay.
"Dad!" Kitsune cried.
"Kitsu, sweety?" Chief Kinu mumbled, half sleep.
"Are you okay!?" Kitsune cried, holding his hand tightly.
"Yeah, just a small wound. I'll be back on my feet tomorrow and back to work in a week or two." Chief answered kissing Kitsune on the head; reassuring her. They smiled. She kissed her dad on the forehead before she left.

"I love you," Kitsune said leaving the room.
"I love you too sweety," Chief Kinu said before falling asleep.

"Sir the children are dead.." The office attendant alerted Natsu.
"Good riddance!" Natsu hissed. "Any other news I need to know before leaving?"
"Chief Kinu, our best officer, was shot in the shoulder." Answered the office attendant.
"Find the shooter and bring him here," Natsu paused, "I'll personally kill the bastard myself."

The office attendant nodded her head and left the office. "This jod is stressful being his attendant. Wish I was assigned to Aki or Fuyu."


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