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Right this moment, there are those wondering how they’ll be able to face another week, as anxious as they already feel in this moment.

Right this moment, some folks are trying to figure out how to get by on the finances they have, while still managing to give their children positive holiday experiences. 

There are some, right this moment, are saying goodnight with smiles to their spouses and children, yet feeling empty inside, unwanted and questioning their worth. 

Right this moment, people are watching the barrage of negativity dumped upon them from the news media, practically drowning them in the misperceptions that the world is completely crumbling. 

Right this moment, there are those worried sick over the loss of a loved one, wondering how to face the rest of their lives without them. 

There are any number of reasons for so many why right this moment isn’t a good time. Perhaps as you read this, you can relate. 

I cannot take away your pain, but I hope I can at least be with you in spirit, offer you some comfort in your struggle, just to remind you that there’s much more to this life than right this moment. You aren’t alone, and your struggles do matter. If you’ve given up on others, I hope you’ll see that even one good friend makes a world of difference. If you’re anxious about your ability to handle things, I hope you’ll choose to believe in yourself, even in the face of doubts. 

We may never have everything we want out of this life, and that’s still okay. We may lose someone painfully dear to us, to death, to changes, or to circumstance, and as much as it hurts right this moment, it won’t always sting as much down the line. We all go through tunnels, those dark periods of our lives that seem so claustrophobic, so daunting and confined that it may seem like this is how life will always be from now on. I hope you won’t let these times in life define how you see others, see the world, or even worse, how you see yourself.

I hope that you’ll stand up to the fears that may haunt you, and may you be as calm as you can be in the face of the unknown. I hope you’ll see the glimmer of hope in the distance as you pass through life’s tunnels. Know that you are more capable than you can imagine, and know that there will be more to this life than the discomfort you feel now, much more to this life than right this moment.


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  • Nov 20, 2019

  • Nov 20, 2019

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    Beautiful I Love It🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

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