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     The mind communicates through thought, and never stops thinking. Humans are addicted to thinking because they are addicted to perceiving the world with the mind, including who they are. 

     Thoughts affect the body and become emotions. Thus, humans are also addicted to emotion. To trigger an emotional response, one doesn't have to experience something directly; rather, it can be done by merely thinking about it. The world we live in is an illusion created by the mind—where it is God.

     We hear all the time:

     "He has a great mind."

     "What a beautiful mind, she has…" 


     In what we know as the modern world, the intellectual is a focus held in high standards within a mind-made reality where the mind is everything. According to our distorted understanding, being an ‘intellectual’ or an ‘academic’ is validation that one is "clever." That all depends on what one's definition is of the word 'clever.' 

      A simple look-up of the word online defined 'clever' as "mentally quick and original; bright." 

     Hmm, mentally quick… Alright, but isn't that a role of the mind—to work things out through thought?

     What about 'Original?'

     No, originality doesn't comes the mind, but derives from Consciousness. 


     Well, what is ‘bright,' exactly? If it's the ability to hold onto facts, ideas, information, etc. in the memory, and then spew any of it out at will, then this is the mind again. 

     What we know as ‘cleverness’ comes from the mind, while knowledge and/or wisdom comes from consciousness. And, "cleverness without wisdom is the most destructive force on earth. For example, it is very clever to build an atomic bomb, but it is not wise to do so."

     There are many clever people in the world, but not too many wise ones, and that’s because the perception of humanity is dominated by the mind—the computer-like channel and not the true self. 

     We have become so imprisoned by the mind that we can't process information and awareness influenced by consciousness. This is because of the "intellectuals" that we hold up high and worship, will not open their minds enough to consider something like this, which is foreign and unknown to them. Still, however, they are the ones who are celebrated for their intelligence and run the institutions that control and manipulate society. 

     Their mind-made system gives birth to mind-made robots to service it, repeatedly—decade after decade. 

     While the mind communicates through thought, consciousness speaks to each of us via ‘knowing’—intuition. Intuition isn't experienced through thought, but by something that is felt—something you just know. To a degree, everyone has this sense of intuition. It's that feeling when you know something and would bet your life on; yet, you don’t know how or why you know. 

     There are usually no words to explain this knowing, this urge to do something. It comes from somewhere deep within each of us, consciousness. But the door to intuition is closed when our sense of reality becomes dominated by our mind, like when you know you love someone, but "logic" and "reason" (mind) tells you it won't work. 

     If that feeling is followed, then the mind will no longer be in control. But it's not going to back down without a fight to protect its prideful celebrity status. 

     How many times have you had an intuitive knowing or a powerful urge to do something, only to have those scared little voices in your head talk you out of it?


     And so, logic— … a system of reasoning? But what is reason? 

     According to an online dictionary, it is: "the capacity for logical, rational, and analytical thought; good judgement; sound state; a normal mental state; sanity…"

     Mind, mind, mind, mind, mind…

     As for "good judgment" and "sound sense—" Um… Who the fuck says?

     Why nobody other than the mind-dominated "intellectuals" living in a mind-prison where reality is defined by a perception of the mind. It's nothing more than a mind's definition of what it is. 


  • Nov 21, 2019

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