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I never had great intuition average I guess 
The last few days my thoughts have
 gravitated in an intuitive direction
This has made me wary
It’s a bit scary - for I never-made
 this selection

Thoughts offer no protection 
They’re drawn up from your subconscious 
Revealing what your mind is sealing 
These few days have had me reeling 

I’m  aware that my long life’s journey is 
rolling towards its last-stop 
I  never had an issue with that 
Traveling on the road of life is a one way 
But my mundane intuition getting close 
Has me at a little loss
The feeling is weird and novel
But all l can do is be philosophical and not grovel 
I am in no hurry so it miniumizas worry 
But the thoughts are there
I’m hoping my intuition is the same 
And continues to be mundane 


  • Nov 19, 2019

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