A Road To Recovery Read Count : 29

Category : Poems

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When in a relationship you give your all
Towards a future bright with hope 
Suddenly caught off guard 
You will fall very hard

The shock is usually painful 
What did your partner find so distasteful 
Your feelings haven’t changed 
It seems so awfully strange 

You hope there is a reconciliation  
If your plea is quite convincing 
There could be a changed decision 
But the likelihood of that revision
Is not in the admission 

You now move on from there
With tears and fears and hope 
You know it will  be scary 
Like walking on a  high tightrope 

You then proceed with caution 
From the lessons you have learned 
Despite the raw emotion 
Much wisdom you have earned 

With time and care and knowledge 
As you explore your goal
Good things are bound to happen 
To restore your happy soul


  • Nov 19, 2019

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