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Maddy started her solo road trip in Nova Scotia. After a drive for a week Taking the sightseeing routes, not just highway driving.Originally planned with high school friends than with boyfriends but life had other plans.

After teachers college, the plan was to work a few years save the money t go exploring.Maddy always dreamed of adventure but was always lacked the courage to take the leap. Or confidence in her own ability plan.

She’d picked up an occasional hitchhiker and if the looked harmless, Better then talking to her self and second-guessing her decision to start this journey, to venture out far from her little fishing village on her own. 
was over halfway she’d soon be swimming in the Pacific too bad she had not gone before it got Radiated maybe she’d only dip her toe in.

Driving along the lonely Highway the. going was straight ahead. Her Electric blue mustang purred, her baby she had to save for years for. The stereo system blared oldies “paradise by the dashed board lights.”Her favourite part was coming up and she was ready “STOP right I got to know right now. ..,…do you love me. Will you love me forever.

Just then something caught her eye A object over the head in sky’s momentarily took her eyes off the road.focussed in on what she had seen in that split second everything shifted the twilight to the glaring sun. The straight road was still straight road but she was not in her mustang anymore she was in some sort of suv.But she did have time to marvel and any of this. Right in front of her.
 Heading right for her was a transport truck. On her side of the road, it was passing another vehicle blue electric blue but she did not have time to ponder this.For her courage not to fail her. 

She knew the once she started this wild ride she was committed but there were no other readily available options.Do or die time.

She almost faltered when she glanced in the rearview mirror she realizes there were two small children sleeping in the back seat.

Instantly she knew they were hers somehow some way. love crushed her heart instantly along with the need to protect the sleeping innocents.She signal pulled over driving on the shoulder praying to Jesus and angels or saints to delivery those children to safety anyways possible. 

when the truck was passed.Maddy idles to a stop. Shaking, heart in her throat glancing at the sleeping beauties in the backseat. Really looking at there sleeping faces trying to memorize every detail.Still shaking she laid her head on the steering wheeling. 

Trying to take some calming breaths closing her eyes for a few seconds trying to Comprehend The last five minutes.She feels a slight shift lifts her head she in her mustang the frantically looks in there back seat again then she was back in her own vehicle, no trucks and babies. 

A feeling of loss washed over her.She weeps uncontrollably sob from the fright and loss of what never seeming was.
She Thought she would relive these last five minute over and over trying to figure it out. In the days, months and years to come. But little did she realize that was it just the beginning Of a strange journey. 


  • good work

    Nov 24, 2019

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