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There was an Old man with a beard,
Who sangs with a band;
He sangs aloud to feasts,
The feasts allowed to lives,
The Old man beloved,
The clear white beard!

He wash to clean the beard,
He comb to make adorned,
He put a 'rose' on it,before-
He starts the songs -his roars!
The Old man with Old band!

His songs of Soul,
His songs of the Soul-
From the Old - Crap sound,
Its makes a painful wound,
Loved by the whole! loved by the whole!

Once at a night 
He was at a height,
His beard caught fire !
By the glowing lamp !
His heart beats high,
Alas! Mr.Old,
Ran to a bourn for,
Make fire off!
But last in his face,
Some hair left back!
He cried 'nd cried,
For his beard,
All people and his band,
Sang a song for him !!



  • Bes

    Nov 22, 2019

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