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Once upon a time in a kingdom called Tantaro there lived a king called Henry and his wife called Alice.The kingdom was very happy.They gave birth to a princess called
The ministers were very happy.But good things don't last long.One day the king of another kingdom Tharamas fought a war on kingdom The kingdom Tharamas won.The ministers were very sad.They  cought the king and his wife. They teased Anastasia when she she was 4 years old. She ran away.
She learnt kungfu her guru told her everything about the kingdom. One day she went to a saddhu. She wanted to meet her Kingdom.The saddhu told her when and where to meet the King. Sadhu told her that  there will be drama in the evening when the king will be sitting beside. And she did what the Saddhu told her to do. She tied the king with a rope and killed the soilders. She locked the  king in the  jail. And she told the soldiers to leave her parents.
After some day the king and his wife died.The ministers were very sad. After someday Anastasia became the queen.
The kingdom was very happy.


  • good story

    Nov 19, 2019

  • good story but it is copied from bengali fariy tales channelon YouTube

    Nov 19, 2019

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