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Unfortunately, a big number of children and pets drown accidentally in residential pools and spas every year. You don’t want anything bad to happen to those you love.  

Households that own pools can take safety measures to ensure their kids don’t gain access to pools unsupervised. You can avoid most of these accidental cases if you take the correct measures. 

This article seeks to give an insight into one of the most effective precautions that significantly reduces the risk of children drowning or being injured. This is in the hope that it will help save lives by making swimming pools and spas safer.

Swimming pool safety coveris such one barrier that ensures that the pool area is only accessible to young kids when accompanied. Pool safety covers are an essential safety barrier that is necessary if you have a residential pool.
There are also other benefits of purchasing a safety cover whenever you have a pool in the backyard. The following are reasons why you need to cover your pool.

Why You Need a Pool Cover 
1.	Safety for you and your family
In-ground pool covers provide a safety barrier to prevent deaths and injuries in pools especially for young children and pets.
2.	It keeps the pool clean and free of debris
You don’t want to leave a clean pool today and wake up to one full of all kinds of debris the following morning. 
Investing in a pool cover saves you on the need to maintain the pool through constant cleaning of leaves, insects, and debris.
Another bonus-You do not have to vacuum and scrub the pool often if your pool is covered.
3.	It stops water from evaporating
This happens when you leave the pool uncovered for some time. If you live in a place with a water shortage, this is beneficial to you since you won’t need to keep filling the pool so often.

4.	It is a perfect alternative to the use of chemicals
You can avoid the use of chemicals used on swimming pools as herbicides, PH regulators by covering your pool. If you suffer from irritation from allergies, using a pool cover minimizes your contact pool chemicals. 
5.	Acts as a heat insulator
It’s not fun for anyone to swim in cold water especially when it’s chilly. Covering a swimming pool ensures that it remains warm especially for those pools that depend on the sun for warming. Covering it will retain the warmth until the next day.
6.	Saves you on costs
As earlier mentioned, a covered pool doesn’t easily lose warmth. It, therefore, saves                                                                   you on the costs of heating the pool.
Similarly, you won’t need to buy chemicals to clean and maintain the pool, and your water bills might go down since you won’t need as much water to fill up your pool.
Whether you use solar, gas or electric power, you will save on energy when you invest in Anchor industriespool covers.
7.	Easy to use
They are easy to use especially if you can save enough for an automatic track cover that is button or remote-controlled. This saves you the hassle to manually remove and take back the cover when you want to use the pool.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Pool Cover 
•	Types available 
You have probably come across the many types of in-ground pool covers available in the market and wondered what to pick for your pool. Having the right information about each of them will help you make a wise decision.

a.	Mesh Cover  

Features of a Mesh Pool Cover
1.	If well maintained, it can last for more than a decade.
2.	It is light in weight
3.	It doesn’t allow water or melted snow to stand on top of the cover instead it allows it to drain into the pool.
4.	Due to its tightly woven design, it doesn’t allow leaves, twigs or insects to get through the mesh.
5.	Some mesh Pool covers are resistant to UV rays while some are designed to stop sun rays from reaching the cover to as much as 99%. This is especially important if you are not using the pool for an extended period.

b.	Hard Cover

Features of the Hard pool Cover

1.	Hard pool covers provide a solid blockade for your pool against rain, the sun, debris, leaves, twigs, and snow. You must therefore regularly clear the top since all dirt remains on the surface. If you leave the water and other dirt to sit on top for long, it might damage the cover. Ironically, it may also cause drowning.
2.	You get either an automatic or manual cover pump when you purchase a hard pool cover. The automatic pump, however, costs more than the manual one. 
3.	You should position the pump where water normally collects and sucks where it drains once it does.
4.	By the time you uncover your pool, the water is cleaner than if you’d have used the mesh design thus saving you time to do the cleanup.

c.	Hybrid Design

Features of The Hybrid Design

If you want to reap the benefits of both the mesh and the hard pool cover, all wrapped in a single package, then a hybrid pool cover is for you.
1.	In this kind of cover, you do not need a pump to get rid of water since it has mesh systems that permit water into the pool.
2.	It provides a perfect sunlight block to the covered water.
3.	It keeps out debris, leaves, and twigs although it might allow some fine dust to get through.
4.	They are safe and strong if secured properly.
5.	These covers are light and easily manageable

It’s good to note that the installation, care, and maintenance of all the three pool covers are almost similar.

•	Cost
You may want to check out on pool covers for sale and determine what fits you. This is because prices can vary widely in the market. Compare the features, brand, and type of covers available and pick your best choice. 
All said and done, safety comes first, so ensure that you pick high quality, trusted brands and one that suits your way of life. You must ensure that you and your family are safe at all times.


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