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"Mommy!" Cried Yoseph. Blood was all over the walls and floor. The murderer looked back and left. Yoseph heard his baby sister crying; he went to comfort her and fell asleep right next to her.

15 years later. Yoseph is now 19 and his sister, Riley, is 16.

"Dad, I think I'm of age to know what had happened 15 years ago." Yoseph said to himself.
"Bro? What are you doing?" Reily asked.
"N-nothing.." Yoseph stumbled his words.
"Mhmm, sure" Riley rolled her eyes, with a sarcastic voice.
"Don't you have a date with Ralph?" Yoseph brought up pushing Riley out of his room.

Yoseph shook his head and smiled. He continued to practice his speech.

"Yoseph, please come down here!" Yelled their dad pacing back and forth, nervously.
"Yeah, Dad?" Yoseph came down and sat down. His dad hesitated. Sweating and fidgiting a little. He took a deep breath, "Your 19 now, and I think your ready to know what happened 15 years ago when you were just 4." Yoseph sat up and almost fell off the couch.

"You know we live in a world of Demons and Humans. Well, it was a demon who killed your mother. All those years ago."

Yoseph fell quiet. He went back to that day.

Blood was on the floor and wall. Yoseph knew that his mom put up a fight cause the streaks of blood. He also so a path of blood droplets going out the door. Yoseph followed the path until he was two houses away from his. He looked around. He went back home to his baby sister crying.

"If this is the truth, I'm going to kill all of them," Yoseph left the room.

Riley came back and eavesdropped on her dad talking to someone on the phone.
"Boy is so stupid." He paused, lighting a cigar. "So stupid."
"So he doesn't know?"
"Nope." Riley's dad paused, "he doesn't know I killed their demon mom and that he and his sister are also demons."
"What will you do now, with them?"
"Yoseph? Its, to late to extract them from him, but Riley, its not. Demons are nasty creatures, all should be extinguished."

"Dad you liar..." Riley said in her head going to sleep.

"Their mother was the queen of demons too, weak."


  • Nov 19, 2019

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