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Fear is binding 
It’s hypnotizing 
It can stop you in your tracks
Prevent you from going back

How do you deal with this ordeal
Fear can be the end of the rope
It can  disintegrate hope in the blink of 
an eye 
It’s not surprising tha some want to die

How do we deal with an anguish so deep 
That the victim’s solution is permanent sleep 
A. delemma to those wanting to help 
Can cause some depression for the helpers themselves 

To convince them life’s precious and is worth the fight 
That you are there for them come day or by night
The reality is that there may be no change 
The decisions the victim’s to attemptt rearrange 
All one can do is best you can give
And see that your efforts convince them to live

We cannot control what others decide 
There’s little satisfaction  if supporting brings
Life’s game of challenge does not always come true 
If your efforts derive no results there’s no more to do
But believe it or not with helpers like you 
The world is a better place for the things that you do


  • Deep meaning

    Nov 18, 2019

  • Nov 18, 2019

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