Texting Story Three Friends That's Just Wanting To Stay Safe Read Count : 53

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Emma:hey guys.  Gabriela: hey Emma. Jake what's up. Emma: uh guys. Gabriela YEAH. Emma: there is some one out side my house Gabriela:what do they  look like. Emma : I can't tell. Jake: wait!!!  Emma: what. Gabriela YEAH what. Jake: I see him too guys. Gabriela me too. Emma:omg he's trying to break in. Gabriela:you need to get out of there go through the back door I'll meet you at the park emma: ok I'm out I'll ride my bike there. Jake:I'm going to meet you guys there. Emma: guys let's go to Mr slides old place we'll be ok there.  Jake ok I'm here guys I hear fook steps Emma me too. Gabriela me three. Emma what do we do he's out side. Gabriela we need to get out of here. Emma YEAH but how. Jake I see a window let's go through it. Emma ok.  Unknown number. You guy will never ecscap me. Emma we are not playing games just leave us alone. Unknown number I will BUT you have to ecscap me first. Gabriela we will ecscap you. Jake run. Emma let's go to my place. Gabriela ok. Jake ok. Let's try to loss him. Emma. Ok. Gabriela he's gone. Jake glade that's over. Emma YEAH me too Gabriela yeah


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