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Thought that was love, what did I know!

how have I lied to myself today, giving so few interactions questioning things that might be able to lie about seen only one person all day no phone calls so one single face to face interaction all day long.

yesterday was the same only one soul interaction face to face again no phone calls because I ignored them. it was only my daughter wanting to know if I was picking them up i was not but sent her an I'm sorry cant text.

so what can I say of my interactions this day (Saturday) I'm lost a bit sad a bit frustrated a lot confused beyond my norm fearful of what I have to go with no p;ace else to go but that is not true all the way I am wanted I can be loved and touched and held and made special so why have I not done it (gone) what is holding me where I am tonight without touching kissing or even really talking of any kind for five days or more (with someone who says they love you)?


  • Nov 18, 2019

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