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Holidays are nearly here and all my emotions are up front and I’m in fear. Anxiety grabs me close and whispers in my ear “ tonight will be the night , your final goodbye “!

Nobody expects it.. they thought I have fought this feeling and moved on, but they are all wrong I have succumbed to this one. My thought process is fucked.. the tears I hold back as I feel a rock in my throat suffocating me. Feels as if there’s a clamp around my neck. Everything is dark.. why am I the only one apart of this darkness? Then as anxiety says it best I don’t belong I never have, and I never will. Sidetracked from the sound track that’s on replay in my head... demons screaming to just be free.. but as a prisoner I hold them in deep. There release will be the death of me .. time is coming near , holidays are nearly here, and all my emotions are up front and I’m in fear.


  • Katelyne Adalyne

    Katelyne Adalyne


    Nov 18, 2019

  • Nov 18, 2019

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