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I can’t remember when I first laid eyes on you

But I really wish I hadn’t 

Cause now 

The only way I’ll be able to stop looking at you

Is if I were to pluck my eyes out with a tablespoon

When I look at you 

I become someone different 

Someone I’m not

Someone I don’t recognize 


You’re a face in my corridors 

A painting i wish i could burn

Or tear apart and throw in the trash

Or tear apart and then burn it and scatter the ashes in the Atlantic 

But I can’t.

When I close my eyes;

You’re there

When I look around 

You’re there 

Even if i were to tear them out 

And throw them into sun

And only be left with bloodied empty sockets

In my head

You’d be there

You’re not a tatoo

You’re an engraving 

A sculpture that took up residence in my house

A sculpture i hit and hit and hit 

And all I’m ever left with are bloody hands

That I can never wash clean.


  • Katelyne Adalyne

    Katelyne Adalyne

    I like it

    Nov 17, 2019

  • JustWright Geoffrey

    JustWright Geoffrey

    Amazing poem!

    Nov 17, 2019

  • this is beautiful

    Nov 18, 2019

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