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Ye woke.
And stood near the falling bourn.I can
see him.So I screwed me;`Sulking dead duck!!!'
Ye wants an cwtch.
       Ye put his ugly stick into the back - water.Then a sec-a sec that bathe with blood-dropped in it.I felt pity him.I felt pity him.
He looked at me and sit on the green.
I also sit,near him.
'eh?' I stared upon him for a while.He sighed and made up a face at me.
'Manu!what's the problem,love.'
'nothing.,not your buissness,my love!'
He laughed.With sarcasm.I too wants to made up a face.
'are you mocking'
`''Course! I'm.''
What a crap! 'Its not as small as our shirt-sack,you covey'.I want to say.But I did'nt.Actually its time tore the crape-
I too wants a cwtch,now.
My hand vibrated to pick his stick.You can't do it-my sensible me murmured.
I kept scilent-the scilence to broke aloud.
          Its started from a week ago.Much clearly,from the previous weekend.We,the students,works there in school for a happy sake,at noons.All fourteens gather around the teak to rumours and cheap gossips,like 'dude dont you heard about Shree's affair' or 'the B's Gowtham have a face cut of Disha patani's BF,no?' types.
                  Manu looked feverish and crowd dumped him at class and gone.I acted I'm too ill to internet him.-Once,only for once,I gave my shoulders to his head.But now he wants me a cwtch.He yelled me in my way home;and to school and parlour and in many ways he could trap me.
'Meenu !'He called me.Luck !!
'I said it.I want -'
'Can you stop?'
'a friendly hug'
'no,we're not whites.So-'
He showed his hand to stop me.
'Dont you head your mother's comment.'
'Its only a joke'
'No,its mock'
Manu stood with a sigh.He looked me.
I cut-off the eye contact.The teen boy was tall 'n dark.I adjusted my duppatta.He turned to the bourn.
And walked.
My heart beat became high.
A pain.From where?-don't know.He moved out of my sight.
I ran.Ran him.But I cant found him.
I wet my cheeks.Then have cwtch with the green.And looked far.There he stood.
He's saying 'you're a bitch' to me.I thought.Alas!I won't hear it.

The bourn came me,for a heavy cwtch.




  • Nov 17, 2019

  • Tayah Greetan M T

    Tayah Greetan M T


    Nov 18, 2019

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