A Garden, It Is So Beautiful Read Count : 46

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A garden with many flowers
They don't have to smell good
You don't have to put in hours
Flowers can be great, they could even be your mate

Something like Angle's trumpet
Can be very poisonous 
It's the opposite of a crumpet
A garden is calming, it's help is really something 

Lavender smells nice
It can be amazing
Just like curry and rice 
There is nothing that can make it grazing

A garden can make you burst of ideas for a poem
Like the very words I type 
Although you can't do it whilst you mowing
Fruit and veg can be nice when ripe

Any view is very good in it's unique way
But to me no view is better than a garden 
The sun helps with it's good rays
When a garden is windy you sometimes have to say pardon

Flowers can blend in with a garden
If your lucky it could look like a canvas
A garden is not bad at all, but for me I don't like it when things get tall
When you look at flowers, you think, before you know it the will be towers


  • Nov 17, 2019

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