She Is Undefeated Read Count : 41

Category : Poems

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SHE has been oppressed and abused yet still carries the nation like SHE's never been bruised
SHE  has been victimised and stood in the court of the law being made the accused
Always buried under the voice of HE, SHE  is afraid to speak out
HE'S always judging and shaming HER  body so SHE'S now full of fear and doubt
Because if HE'S not judging and shaming, HE'S forcing and raping her
And goes out into the world and claims that HE believes in HER
But even when SHE'S  broken, bruised alone and stricken
SHE still carries a spirit and it won't be beaten 
SHE'll go through hell and HE'LL think HE'D led her to HER demise
But HE won't be aware that SHE'S   a Phoenix and after the fire is when SHE'LL really rise


  • thank you very much

    Oct 27, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Very powerful fine writing

    Oct 26, 2019

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