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The clock ticks continually 
Always  going forward 
Stopping for no one 
Until that life is done 

While the pendulum swings 
In rhythm like bird’s wings
Those ticks record your life 
From joy to varied strife 

When you look ahead 
There are many ticks to tread
If you’re looking back
You’ll soon finish life’s long track

While the clock moves on
With life from dusk to dawn 
You’ve time to still reflect 
On the life you recollect 

You can’t change what has passed 
We wish we had that chance 
But we can change what is possible 
Before our final dance 

We have choices that will vary 
What to discard -what to carry 
We hope for quality and love
With blessings from above


  • Oct 26, 2019

  • Determine what to do and do!

    Dec 14, 2019

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