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When you’re life’s on a roll and you’re moving ahead 
A bump in the road can make you stop dead
That’s the way things go in this up and down world
Feeling real good then emotions get twirled 

Not to panic get hold of yourself 
You now have to analyze the situation 
The problem may be complicated or it may be simple 
Calm can result in a positive sensation 

This is life’s blueprint we all must live by
Sometimes we’re low and sometimes life’s high 
There’s always help or you can attack it yourself 
Use your experience- you’re common sense as well 
If you need expertise there are those you can tell

With all these tools and and you own strong desire 
You have plenty ammunition to put out
the fire 
Then you are back on the high road
once more 
Seeking the good life that you’re looking for


  • Oct 28, 2019

  • Simran Mahendru

    Simran Mahendru

    sir its awesome

    Nov 02, 2019

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