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Addilyn: Come over to my house so we can finish our project.

Autumn: Alright.

Next day Autumn went over to Addilyn's house.

Autumn: Alright, let's get this done.

Addilyn: Alright, so I already searched everything we need to finish. Just need to decorate and slap the info on to the boards.

Autumn: Nice, let's do this!

Autumn and Addilyn worked hard for hours.

Sylvis: Addilyn! Where's my XBox 1 controllers! Me and Elon want to play Call of Duty!

Addilyn: You know I don't touch your stuff; stop screaming and leave me alone!

Autumn: Elon's here?

Addilyn: Yeah, him and Sylvis are like brothers. If Elon isn't with Aydin, he's here.

Autumn: Lucky you, right?

Addilyn: I don't like him like that anymore. Respect for Aydin.

Autumn: Yeah Addilyn, sure.

Addilyn: Don't tease me.

An hour later.

Addilyn: Almost done.

Sylvis: Yo Elon, some friends are coming over to play tackle football, want to join?

Elon: Hell yeah!

Autumn: Here we go, and we're done.

Addilyn: Finally, that took so long.

Autumn and Addilyn watched TV the rest of the day. Elon and Sylvis and six others played football in the back yard.

Sylvis: Time out! 15 minute break?

Group: Yeah.

Addilyn: Want to go and watch the boys play football? This show is getting boring.

Autumn: Yeah.

Addilyn: Alright, after this.

Autumn: You just want to see Elon, shinning from all the sweat on his body and his muscles glistening in the sunlight.

Addilyn: N-no, I'm just bored and watching them play might be fun. And I told you, this is respect for Aydin. I don't like Elon like that.

Wesley: Sylvis, I'm going upstairs to use the bathroom.

Sylvis waved, not caring. Elon grew suspicious and followed Wesley.

Wesley: Two girls? Lucky me.

Addilyn: Autumn get behind me!

Autumn: Okay..?

Addilyn: Sy-

Wesley grabbed Addilyn and put his hand over her mouth.

Wesley: Shush, you don't want me to get in trouble again do you?

Autumn: Get away from her!

Wesley: And what will you do?

Elon: Wesley, let's go, game about to start.

Wesley: E- Elon, right. Coming.

Elon: You girls can come watch us if you want. I'll keep an eye on him.

Autumn: Alright, let's go Addilyn.

Addilyn: Alright.

Game continued. The girls took sides. Addilyn cheering on Elon's team. Autumn cheering on Sylvis's team.

Sylvis: Tied game! Next point wins. Quick break!

Five minutes later the game continued.

Autumn: Come on!

Addilyn: Autumn, no, I don't like him anymore.

Autumn: I saw you blush when Elon came to your room to stop Wesley.

Addilyn: W-well, I was scared, but relieved Elon was there. Wesley been trying to get in my pants, but my dad was always there to stop him.

Autumn: You like Elon.

Game over, Sylvis team won.

Wesley: Come on girls, let's get busy. I scored the winning touchdown.

Autumn: I don't like boys, let go of me!

Wesley: Fine, let's go Addilyn.

Addilyn: ...

Elon: Wesley.

Addilyn: Oh no.

Wesley: What loser?

Elon: Let go of her, or I'll make you.

Autumn pulled Addilyn out the way.

Wesley: Punk.

Elon: Tier Teleportation! Jail. Have fun sex abuser.

Wesley: I'll be out when the world comes down.

Elon eyes widen, he was confused. Also worried.

Addilyn: Thanks Elon..

Elon: No problem.

Autumn: Your blushing.

Addilyn: Am not! Get out my house!

Autumn: Haha! Elon can you walk me home?

Elon: Yeah, hold on.

Autumn: Alright.

Elon: Later Sylvis.

Sylvis: Later dude.


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