Ever After High: New Students Read Count : 28

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chapter 1: the new students Sabrina evil: 😴😴😴 Sabrina's mom: hunny time to wake up! Sabrina evil: ughhhh...... mom can i please have a few more minutes? Sabrina's mom: no hunny! you don't want to be late for ever after high! Sabrina evil: Ever..... after..... high? Sabrina's mom: yup! Sabrina evil: what's that....? Sabrina's mom: you don't know about ever after high? Sabrina evil: uhhhhh..... no........ Sabrina's mom: well it's-- * five minutes later* Sabrina evil: wow! that's a lot of stuff want to go there.... Sabrina's mom: well get up then sleep head! * in some place else* beast: hey bud wake up time for school! nick beast: huh.......? beast: time for school! Nick beast: ok..... I'm going to get ready...... beast: ok son! * in some place else* lady trharmaine: get up! Holly heals: huh? oh hi Mom...... lady trharmaine: get ready for school.
Holly heals: ok....... * after the new students got ready* Sabrina's dad: bye hun! Sabrina's mom: good bye hunny! Sabrina: bye guys! * after the new students got on the school bus*


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