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I want to be alone forever

In the warfare of peace

I want to step in the known

I don't seek to be known

I'm at peace in the midst of silence

Let me continue pushing you away, everyone away

I believe everyone deserves better

But that better isn't me

I'm just a normal boring person

Can't keep her friends

Everything falls apart

Falls to pieces that can't be replaced

In the middle of words and thoughts

In conflict with I and myself

My thinking says more than I speak

My silence a voice

I don't seek to be a victim

I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me

I don't seek for people to view me in any way

I don't expect anything from anyone but myself

I avoid

I don't want to deal with anything

I'll cover my ears my eyes

I didn't ask for this

I don't want this

How do I tell me and I that everything just goes down hill

How do I ask to understand why she meets the wrong people

Why do I do everything wrong

The mirror is a liar

I'm not losing my mind

It just haunts me at night

I feel the compressed emotions

I don't want to let them out

People seek to eat your Innocence

They seek to tear everything good in you

They want the worst

They don't care

There smile is sweet their eyes weapons

How to trust if the enemy is a reflection

How to know if the answer is unknown

Why change if nothing works

To trust is to deteriorate

To breath is not to care 


  • Oct 26, 2019

  • Oct 26, 2019

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