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I was in a deep sleep and all of a sudden, I woke up. "Uh... gosh" . I saw chains where broken, which were on my hands and legs.When I stood up I remembered everything. 
《《Cent the evil witch cast a spell on Aradon , and she turned everything and everybody into statues,...but why..me ...a sleeping spell instead of turning me into a statue 》》
I walk a little further seeing my mom ( who were all statues) , that Prince who wanted to marry me ,my best friend Thess and Blessed, and Chuki my pet whose a bird . I touched her and she almost fell , but I caught her before she would have fallen and broken into pieces. Then I went to look for Cent,and I saw her tied to the tree of life  (Aradon's life).  "Rachael you...save !"." Why I you tied to the tree of life! . uh answer me, your  app old " . "It's been 60 years  since I cast this spell duh!". Oh so you are dying and you want me to save you, what made you think that I will save you "
Continuation tomorrow 


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