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Empty, is a lonely sentence
Lonely is repeating nonsense 
Nonsense is fulfilling my dreams I'll say I'm awake, and I do not seek that sense this way.
So fill me up or cut me loose 
Because I cant stand here tied to your shoes 
Fill them up or let me off
There's something I haven't had a taste of.
Considering all the tears that have fallen, and ive yet to walk on water. 
Considering everything you built is meant to fall apart, In my hands are empty again. 
My hands are empty again. 
Broken windows are all that's left for me.
I sit on shards and watch my life pass from me.
It's ok not to raise my voice today with solemn words I still search for your hands. 
Your hands. 
My hands are empty again.
Its all in my hands 
With my life how could anyone feel shame?
It's out of your hands
With my life how could anyone be blamed?
It's all in your hands with my life how could any one feel shame?


  • Oct 25, 2019

  • Oct 26, 2019

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