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I'll tell a story about how it's made. 
Your whole heart and how it came to stay. 
That's all i wanted so let me get back.
I was dreaming during the day
So let me get back to that.
I think of the things and what i am made. 
A little love, a little hate
Who's to really say?
Their only ingredients to the most precious of things. 
Such things i will say?
What things will it make?
Is that simple? 
The thoughts can carry you so far away. 
I see us asleep on a calm bright blue ocean. 
I think blue. A deep blue however it's turned over. 
Alabaster skin, now a little pink. 
Who's creation are we in?
My creation, my world is always where i begin. 
I was sleeping so let me get back to that. 
Considering the trouble im in,
Your whole heart that's all i wanted
So let me think hearts.
Your heart
That's the trouble we've been in. 
So leave me alone.
I was day dreaming so let me get back to that. 
A little more love, not so much fear
That's the predicament here
You need a little sunshine to come out and dry. 
You've been waiting too long for that my dear. 
Hold my hand. Think of my heart 
A little love, a little sin, a little heat, a little bit. 
The grass was greener on my side. Then you take it. Take my pride. 
Swallow it whole, swallow it inside. 
My whole heart, Hold me down hold me outside.
Your whole heart that's all i wanted so let me lay back. 
You can give it back to me now. 
I'll be sleeping so let me wake up to that. 
A little more love here
A little more warm than there
A little less you are sad blue 
A lot more your never cold red. 
I love my heart; my hands my head
I put your love where i keep my bed.
 Love sounds so happy?
Love should sound bad instead?
You think I'm daydreaming?
I'll let you get back to that. 
Give me hope, faith and I'll show you what I'm made of... wasting my breath if i say it. 
Courage is love. Not fear. 
Not hold me close dear. 
Wasting my breath if i say it...
Those feelings hold our thoughts that hold up pillars that hold our sky
The sky holds our moon
The moon holds us throughout the night, hiding our love from the jealous sunlight.
But the sun came up, and we never did go back down.
Just as I feared, that silence was truly the death of us dear. 
It showed the real colors
It made actual sound.
Screamed out things you've have never said are least not aloud 


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