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When I think of a volunteer;
I think nursing is a profession of pioneer.
Nursing is a social service which tells you how the humanity is awesome,
It will initiate you to  make an individual toilsome.
Nursing is an art of acquiring knowledge about service,
Nursing is an art of gaining success by providing service.
Florence Nightingale was one of the pioneer.
She is such a magnificent reformer.
In the absence of a doctor nurses are there to help you,
Nurses are there to tell you about the immunization facilities which are provided to you.
Nurses are an intelligent creation,
Nurses is a magnificent creation.
Its an amazing opportunity to opt nursing,
Because of her hospitals are always leading.
Nursing is a profesaion in which you can understand human nature,
Nursing is a profession in which you can understand about reasons of deficiency in a human creature.
To attain better prospects nursing is essential,
To ensure imaginative success nursing is crucial.
In previous era nursing was not a good profesaion,
But in today arena nursing is a reputed profession.
The job of nursing is  always miraculous,
Nightingale was one who told us the job of nursing is always pious.


  • Feb 13, 2020

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