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The smallest word with the most meanings 
Two letters put together -The letters of regret 
You can fill in the blanks 
The word you will rarely find is
“ thanks “

Hidden behind these camafloged two
Deceptive in its size 
Is a history of hope long lost
Desisions spelled “ unwise “

If this word was eliminated or just reduced in life 
Our story as we tell it would surely 
shrink the strife 

Our lives are not sweet fairy tales 
You can’t change what has been 
But to review your own “ If “ list 
And search from deep within 

A guide to a new beginning can suddenly appear 
To change regret to winning 
Making past mistakes disappear 

The ones we have committed are frozen 
in our history 
They are there forever to change it is no mystery 

When our past is revealed like a secret
We are reminded of what we’ve done to write “ if “ instead of “ won “

The rest is up to us 
When we see the light 
Make the proper turn
And head straight for the bright 


  • Oct 24, 2019

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