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Hopefully you are doing well. We haven’t been in touch for few days. Each and every moment I thought of calling you I ended up with the fear of disturbing your busy daily life. There was a time when we used to think we have to share each and every happenings of our life. It was a terrible imagination or nightmare as u may say that I would lost you or may be to have you in a way I never wanted. 

Days have passsed, feelings have grown mature, we are no more those kids who used to fight on which song to listen, which movie to watch, and which restaurant is better. It was almost inevitable as both of us know that our choices were different,  but they just complemented each others and portrayed a beautiful picture. How strange na? The person without whom we think we can not breathe a single day, whose Whatsapp messages always use to be on our top priority list end up becoming such a stranger that we only like to visualise them as a part of our beautiful dream. The very idea of imagining them of having earthly existance shatters our whole universe. We die inside,  we die to make a phone call, we die to drop a message,  we die to hug that person once again with our full breath and utmost energy so that we Won't have to leave her, who was once your universe but now there is a difference of million galaxies between two closest soul ever.

 Date: 22.09.2019                      With best wishes,

Place: Kolkata                                    Shantanu 



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