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James:Did you hear,the First Sheriff is coming to town?
Hogwinter:Really,he does?.When?
A fly brings a message.
James reads it.
J(James):In three days from now.
H(Hogwinter):Ok,but why are you looking so scared to hear about that?
J:Cause he brings his daughter with him.
J:Do you know who his daughter is?
J:Remember that girl that I met last summer,which her father was hunter/sheriff,who told me that if I ever came close to her,she would sent me to somewhere she would think of?
J:That his daughter,Adrianna Tracy Monroe Jordan Lisa Wing,for short T and if I approach  her,she is going to send me to The Pits of Yorheirim,where He Lives.
J:She doesn't know,she has not been there as well.
A messenger is running like a bolt to their side,holding his breath.
Will:Sirs,he is here.
Announcer:Everyone,I'm opening the gate,he approaches the city.
J and H:Who?
Will:Sheriff. Announcer:Frederic,Julian,Yosef,Olaf,
Klaus,Wing.Or for short,F.
James:Oh no.
Tracy(T):(Pulls her father's arm),dad,who are these people?
F:Oh,sweetie they are just ordinary persons.

It has been three years since Tracy last saw an ordinary person,because she was on a hunting expedition with her father and his friends.
Fields of Yose(Hunting fields of the king)  May 3th

King Ukereif:Hunters,did you find any prey?
F:I'm afraid not sir,they seem to be scared of something.
U(Ukereif):What something is that?.If i may ask?
Fellow Hunter:They call it He(Tracy's Father talks to her back in the present day)
F:Tracie,are  you okay  sweetie,you seem a bit lost.
T:No,it's okay,totally.
The mayor of the city approaches them.
Mayor(M):Oh,welcome,welcome dear Sheriff,it's an incredible honor,I'm so very pleased to finally meet you.
T:Feelings are mutual.
M:But wait a minute,where is James,I'm pretty sure that he would like to meet your lovely daughter.
T:I can sense him,he is not far.
M:Wait,you can sense him?
T:Indeed,I got that skill from my mother.
T:James is now very close.
F:How close exactly peachy?
T:Do you see that barrel over there?
Everyone who has gathered around to meet the Sheriff:Yes.
T:Open it,please.
And when they open the barrel.
There is no one there.
F:Oh,my pride of the west you definitely need some sleep,in the town's best room.
Owner of the room:Sure,i'll go prepare it right away.
F:I  have some business with the Mayor.
M:Most certainly.
The same night Tracy is reading a book in her room.
Suddenly she hears a knock on her door.
T:Who is it.
Messenger:Message service.
T:Okay, just slide it under the door.
T:As you wish.
The message reads:
My dear Lisa,the mayor has heard from his friend Dan Hogwinter  about that old friend of yours James. He has issued an order  to all bounty hunters of the  area,that he must me found because they need his help in finding the runaway  King Of The  West.
Good night,by tomorrow I will have left the city to lead the hunting party.
Be safe.
Your father Frederic.
Love you.
T:I must not let that happen.
Tracy leaves her room,takes her horse and heads for palace of the  King of  the West.
The next morning,she is there.
T:My king,they found out about our plan.
King Yerv:Then it's time for action.Guards!
KY(King Yerv,son of King Ukereif):Head to the pits of Yorheirim and call Him out.
T:Most wise decision,your highness,that way,He will take care of my father and his hunting clan and we can take care of James.
Hogwinter approaches at the palace.
H:Did you call  me,your highness?
KY:Yes I did actually.We  have a new plan,here it is(Hogwinter takes care of her father and his hunting clan,and Tracy and the King take care of James.
At the same time the spell that he casted ends and James appears from the barell.
James:Few,that was close.
 Lord Crow:You think.He forgets that us crows are experts during the nightime.
Lord   Crow  hits him  in the back of his head with his staff and carries him flying to the palace.
Lord Crow(L):It is done.
KY:Excellent,throw him to the pits of
L:With pleasure.

After that  Tracy's father was thrown off the edge of a cliff with a strike from Hogwinter's  trained  red bear and his hunting party   became slaves.
And the feast of the feasts took place in the place.
Tracy:A toast,to the greatest king of all.
T:I have to say,that if it wasn't for that man, I  would have never met my wonderful and lovely husband Miguel.Also a great thanks to my lovely Lord Crow,for the excellent plans he puts together.And last but not least a huge thanks to Dan Hogwinter,who led  the workers in building this beautiful palace and a thanks to his bear.
Hogwinter's Bear Timothy:Thank you.
 And so they win and  her father does not and everyone hears it,from the grassy fields of the New West to the mountain  bred horses of  the storm.



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